School Calendar

Official term dates and training days may overlap so please check them carefully.


  • Autumn: 5th September - 21st December
  • Spring: 3rd January - 31st March
  • Summer: 18th April - 21st July


  • Autumn half term: 24th - 28th October
  • Christmas: 22nd December - 2nd January
  • Spring half term: 13th - 17th February
  • Summer half term: 29th May - 2nd June
  • Summer: 24th July - 1st September

The school is closed for 5 staff training days on 5th September, 21st October, 3rd January, 18th April and 5th June.

In addition to the staff training days we will be having 5 unavoidable closure days between 15th and 21st December. These days have been granted by the Borough in order for us to move into our new school.

2016/17-2017/18 term dates (without information about training days and other school closures) are available on the Havering website »

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