When places are available to learn one of the various instruments in School i.e. violin, flute, clarinet, trumpet or trombone, the peripatetic teacher concerned auditions any child from Y3, 4 or 5 who has shown an interest in learning to play. The child, who has shown the most physical and mental potential for learning at the time the test is taken, is selected for lessons. Others may be placed on the waiting list until further places become available.

Parents will be expected to make a termly contribution towards the cost of lessons.

Peripatetic teachers may also arrange for the hire of one of the borough instruments. These charges are made termly and are arranged through the music School. There are also hire/buy schemes available, for example at ‘Advance Music’ or ‘Paxmans Music Shop’.

The weekly lessons are usually taught in small groups according to the standard of the pupils. The length of the lesson varies between 20 and 30 minutes according to the pupils’ ability.

The music teacher writes individual annual reports in July recording each child’s progress. When each child has reached the appropriate standard he/she will have the opportunity to enter external music examinations. Each child will also be expected to participate in the School instrumental groups and could also be invited to join one of the borough ensembles.

If one of the children is having difficulty, or not making progress, the parent will be invited in to discuss the matter.