Achieve Economic Well-Being

Our school recognises that pupils need to be prepared to make the most out of future opportunities. We believe we prepare pupils in the following ways:

  • The school’s mission statement is ‘Personal Excellence’, this is based on 2 principles which our pupils are taught. The first is that if you are to achieve personal excellence you must always try your best and the second is that at times you will achieve more working as a team (Together Everyone Achieves More).
  • Pupils are therefore taught to be enterprising and independent learners, but also to work together and support one another.
  • The literacy, numeracy, ICT and social skills that we develop in our pupils will enable them to achieve their full potential and contribute to their own well being and that of the wider community. A broad and balanced programme of learning equips them for later life. This is reflected in our Basic Skills mark.
  • We encourage our pupils to develop skills that will enable them to work within an economic society. Our juniors manage their own money during the day (for example dinner money, dvd club, etc). We also ensure that pupils are taught skills that will enable them to handle money accurately and with confidence.
  • All children develop a respectful, competitive spirit. In Key Stage Two, all pupils belong to houses within the school that vie each week for house points; results are announced weekly by House Pont monitors at whole school celebration assembly. This develops friendly rivalry.
  • School teams represent the school in a variety of sports. They are sporting and fair minded in their play and attitude to pupils from other schools. (Experience of working with others).
  • Children from year groups undertake school visits collaboratively thus developing relationships across the year group rather than simply in classes.
  • Nursery/Reception, Year One/Two, Year Three/Four, Year Five/Six work together to produce Christmas performances.
  • All classes have monitors (responsibilities) and Year Six are whole school monitors and playmates in the infant playground at lunchtime.