Be Healthy

At Hacton, pupils are made fully aware of healthy lifestyles through a planned scheme of work. The school’s approach to healthy lifestyles is recognised by the ‘Healthy Schools’ accreditation.

The school promotes exercise by:

  • Ensuring all classes have at least 1½ hours of timetabled PE per week; (many classes have 1½ plus a total of 5 hours a week of extra curricular PE activities open to pupils in Ys 1-6.)
  • School is part of NOF sport for all initiative and takes part in a large majority of various Borough sporting events (football and netball leagues, kwik cricket matches, schools sports partnership events, District athletics track and field events)
  • All classes from Nursery to Y6 have swimming instruction (YN-4 in our own pool April – October and Y5/6 at local Olympic size pool) and school employs its own qualified swimming instructress full time for 6/7 months of the year.
  • Foundation Stage pupils have continual access to and use of outdoor area.
  • School has spent a great deal of money on thermoplastic playground markings in both playgrounds encouraging children to take part in physical exercise. A rota for games equipment is also on offer.
  • The school offers a great many extra curricular sporting activities which have this year been extended to pupils in Y1-6 (football, netball, athletics, Y1/2 games, kwik cricket, badminton, hockey, cup stacking) – approx. 200 pupils attending.
  • School gives all pupils the opportunity to perform in music, drama and sport/dance through year group concerts (Christmas and end of year), assemblies, sports days
  • We have an organised playmate scheme where Yr 6 pupils teach and manage playground games in the Infant playground. (Boredom busters.)

The school promotes a healthy diet by:

  • Use of DoH fruit/fresh vegetable scheme. This ensures that fruit/vegetables is distributed to all infant pupils, any surplus is given to junior pupils.
  • Our catering services supplier has recently introduced a more ‘Healthy school dinners’ initiative
  • Infant pupils either have school milk or a drink of their own before breaktime.
  • All junior pupils are encouraged to bring in water containers daily which are refilled regularly. These are used in class. Water coolers are also used by all junior pupils.

The school ensures a growing understanding of healthy lifestyles by:

  • A well planned curriculum map for PSHE.
  • Police officers from the Community Team visit school regularly delivering an educational programme to Juniors on drugs, drink, smoking, personal safety
  • The impact of the above is that our pupils, to a great extent, lead and adopt healthy lifestyles. They are also aware of the importance of this in their daily life.