Make a Positive Contribution

We encourage our pupils to recognise the different communities that they belong to. We consider their school community, their family community, their local community, their national community and their international community. During their time at Hacton, pupils develop their understanding of what it means to be a member of these different communities, this includes understanding their rights and their responsibilities.

Evidence that shows our pupils have an understanding of their rights includes:

  • School rules are agreed by the school council, class rules are discussed with classes, this means that pupils have an understanding of their rights in our school. (see school council minutes).

Evidence that shows our pupils have an understanding of their responsibilities includes:

  • Our children are positive, responsible, well-mannered and very well received when they go out into the community on visits or activities. They are good ambassadors for the school. Visiting theatre groups, musicians, authors, science groups, teachers from other schools and visitors who lead assemblies invariably praise our pupils for their good manners, attitude, friendliness and enthusiasm.
  • The school promotes sensitivity to others through its philosophy of being a ‘Caring, Sharing school’ which runs through everything the school does, (see pupil questionnaires).
  • Pupils are given responsibility to get involved in school decision making through the Schools Council (this has representatives from Y2 to Y6). Many pupils take on monitor roles.

Our school’s involvement in the local and wider community is demonstrated through:

  • The school is actively involved in raising money for community projects, these include a local special needs nursery, the Tsunami Appeal, British Legion Poppy appeal, Red Nose Day, jump rope for heart, Great Ormond Street, and Children’s cancer Little Star Appeal.
  • For the last two years, our harvest festival food was collected for Help the Aged in Hornchurch.
  • The school choir also sings carols to the local old people’s home every Christmas.
  • Pupils organise their own bazaars, raffles and other events to raise money for local, national and international good causes.
  • Pupils in Year 5 annually visit ‘Planet Havering Fair’ to further develop their knowledge of global issues.
  • All pupils have worked with School Council/community to improve awareness and management of recycling throughout the school.