Stay Safe

We encourage learners to feel safe by developing a supportive community, this is achieved by:

  • Promoting a strong ‘caring, sharing’ and supportive ethos across our school, this is seen as one of the school’s great strengths (this is reflected in responses to parents’ and pupils’ Questionnaires)
  • All new pupils to the school are included into the school community very well as a result of a successful buddy scheme and the school’s caring ethos.
  • School runs a playmates scheme in the infant playground, this helps infants feel supported during lunchtimes.
  • Pupils are committed and enthusiastic in their school responsibilities as monitors, sports captains, playmates, members of the school’s council etc. This illustrates a positive attitude to involvement in all aspects of a safe school

We have the following policies in place to maintain a feeling of safety amongst learners:

  • The school has a clear set of rules for all aspects of school life (behaviour, PE, ICT etc) and specified rules agreed in classrooms with pupils, (see Assertive Discipline Policy).
  • The school has a rigorous approach to bullying. Children are encouraged to see any member of staff about instances of bullying and these instances are dealt with promptly; either by classteacher, Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher. We operate on the principle that bullying can happen anywhere at any time – despite our best efforts to combat it. Any bullying is recorded.
  • The school operates a strong anti-racist policy and the very rare instances of racism, usually verbal (one in the past two years), are recorded and dealt with according to Borough guidelines. (See anti-racist policy and racial incident reports).
  • Appropriate child protection procedures are in place. All staff are aware of procedures.

Pupils have opportunities to talk to members of staff during:

  • Regular circle time sessions
  • Lunchtime (the Headteacher always eats with pupils) or
  • School Council meetings.

Overall safety in the school:

  • The school has done a tremendous amount to improve the learning environment for pupils and staff over the last 2 years (Governors’ reports/Sub Committee minutes)
  • Health and Safety in regard to pupils, staff, school practice and premises is always a high priority. Governors meet regularly to identify and prioritise work to be done. 2 appointed Governors along with Headteacher and Site Manager regularly have Health and Safety Inspections and staff report any defects to the Site Manager. We have regular emergency drills and inspections of PE and Safety equipment by approved contractors.
  • All pupils follow an internet acceptable use policy and training workshops for parents on internet use is planned.
  • The school also buys into a twice annual Health and Safety audit by the Borough. The school is currently in the top band for Health and Safety within the Borough (Health and Safety audit reports).