Special Educational Needs

All children may experience some difficulties in learning from time to time and some children will need extra help either on a short or long-term basis. These children will either be supported within the classroom or withdrawn in a small group to work with Mrs Standen, the Special Educational Needs teacher. At this stage the parents will be informed and Mrs Standen will liaise closely with the class teacher. If a child continues to experience difficulties he/she will then be referred to the Borough’s Special Educational Needs Advisory teacher or Educational Psychologist who will test the child and advise the School how best to meet the child’s needs.

Children with special educational needs very often receive targeted and personalised support from a Teaching Assistant in a small group of pupils.

Other people involved in the special needs programme at Hacton School are a number of classroom assistants who work with any statemented children or pupils with validated hours of extra support. Regular meetings with parents of special educational needs children take place twice yearly. There is also a School governor who is responsible for seeing that the School carries out its responsibilities for the special educational needs children. Our arrangements follow the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. Any complaint about the special educational provision in the School should be dealt with, in the first instance, through informal discussions with the Headteacher or a member of the governing body. The Headteacher will investigate and the parent contacted within five School days. If the matter is not resolved it will be referred to the governing body who will consider the complaint at their next meeting and the complainant contacted within, five days from the date of that meeting.

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