Worldly Wise Words

We have a focussed approach to ensure that we enrich our pupils' vocabulary and undertanding or the world. This includes linking our 'word of the week' to our Worldly Wise assemblies to ensure our children have a clear understanding of new facts and ideas.


Energetic, exciting and colourful.

Example: Holi is a vibrant springtime festival.

Synonyms: Lively, dynamic.

Antonym: Dull, weak, lazy.

(noun / verb)

A great success, achievement or victory.

Example: Winning the championship was a great personal triumph.

Synonym: Conquest, win.

Antonym: Failure.

There are many ways that you can support your child with this at home:

  • talk about the word with your child
  • model the word in everyday conversation
  • look for words with a similar meaning (synonyms) when reading together
  • find words with the opposite meaning (antonym) when reading together

Thank you for your continued support.