Health and Sex Education

The health and sex education policy of this school aims to give the children relevant information in a balanced manner, taking due account of the value of family life, to help them grow up safely and happily in today’s society. It is part of the school’s curriculum and it is expected that all children will take part in this aspect of the curriculum. However, parents have the right to withdraw their children if they so wish.

A programme for sex education will take place in years 4, 5 and 6 of the School under topics including “Growing and Changing” and “Talking about Puberty”.

In year 4 children will understand the life cycle of a human and be encouraged to identify the physical and emotional changes that happen during puberty. In year 5 children will understand how puberty affects the reproductive organs and be able to describe how to manage physical and emotional changes. An annual talk on feminine hygiene is organised for the year 5 girls. 

In year 6 children will be able to describe how and why the body changes during puberty in preparation for reproduction. Children will be introduced to the basic facts about conception and pregnancy. The policy is available for inspection at the school office. If you have any concerns about the content of lessons, please contact the school to discuss the matter.​