Early Learning Goals

78% of children achieved their early learning goals. The national figure for 2019 was 72%. We are 6% above national.

Year 1 Phonics Screening

99% of children reached the expected standard. The national figure for 2019 was 82%. We are 17% above national.

End of Key Stage One

Hacton 2019 National 2019
Reading% Achieving Expected Level89%75%
% Greater Depth 37%25%
Maths% Achieving Expected Level89%76%
% Greater Depth 37% 15%
Writing% Achieving Expected Level86%69%
% Greater Depth32%22%

End of Key Stage Two

By the time pupils leave Hacton Primary attainment in English and Mathematics overall is significantly above national expectations and has been for the last five years.

The value added progress pupils make in English and Mathematics between the age of seven (Year 2) and eleven (Year 6) is significantly above national expectations.

In 2019, despite the fact that 8 of 53 Year 6 pupils could not access the Key Stage 2 Reading and Writing papers due to their hearing impairment, our results were very strong and significantly above national average in the majority of areas. Greater Depth results were particularly impressive, indicating that many of our pupils achieved high scores in the tests.

Hacton 2019 National 2019
Reading% Achieving Expected Level85%73%
% Greater Depth 37% 27%
Average Scaled Score 107104
Progress between KS1 and KS2+1.40
SPaG% Achieving Expected Level89%78%
% Greater Depth 57% 36%
Average Scaled Score 109106
Maths% Achieving Expected Level91%79%
% Greater Depth 45% 27%
Average Scaled Score 108105
Progress between KS1 and KS2+2.10
(Teacher Assessed)
% Achieving Expected Level77%78%
% Greater Depth 28% 20%
Progress between KS1 and KS2-0.10
Combined% Achieving Expected Standard in RW&M77%65%