Provision for Hearing Impaired Children

The Provision for Hearing Impaired Children (P-HIC) is ideally situated in its own suite of rooms in Hacton Primary School. It caters for 24 children, taught by three qualified Teachers of the Deaf, who are supported by a Nursery Nurse, Communicators and specialist Teaching Assistants.

A Speech and Language Therapist visits the school one day a week.

Nursery children are fully integrated into the mainstream Nursery and are supported by a specialist Nursery nurse. Their progress is monitored by a Teacher of the Deaf. Older children may be fully integrated into the mainstream or may be taught Literacy and/or Numeracy in the P-HIC classrooms by a Teacher of the Deaf. All other subjects, where accessible, are taught in the mainstream class with full support from P-HIC staff. The children follow the National Curriculum and are expected to take SATs exams along with their hearing peers if appropriate.

Hearing impaired children have the opportunity to attend lunch time and after school clubs along with hearing peers and they are fully supported if necessary.

Our communication approach is child centred; therefore, some children use sign language while others prefer to be oral/aural. Sign Supported English is also used in the teaching of Literacy.

P-HIC staff work closely with mainstream staff in order to facilitate the inclusion of hearing impaired pupils. The school actively promotes sign language within the school environment to facilitate the learning of all children. It is believed that “what is good for deaf children is good for all children.” In addition many mainstream teachers, teaching assistants and mid-day staff have signing qualifications.

When the children leave Hacton Primary School to move to secondary school we hope they will have become independent, confident individuals who are effective communicators.