Hacton Nursery

Provision for the early years is outstanding. This enables children to acquire new skills, knowledge and understanding very well.

Ofsted 2015/2016

To apply for a place in our nursery, please complete and return the Nursery Application Form.

We currently offer a morning session (8:30am – 11:30am) with up to 30 children attending.

In addition to this, we have a limited number of 30 hour places for parents who are eligible. To check your eligibility, please click here.


We have a qualified and experienced staff who ensure that your child learns in a caring and stimulating environment.

A Typical Session

  • 8.30am Parents bring children into the Nursery. The children self register and then choose from a wide range of activities, both inside and outdoors.
  • Whole class time: Children gather together as a whole group to welcome each other and learn the days of the week. In this time we celebrate children’s achievements, progress and talk about activities that are planned.
  • Doh Disco/whole class Music: Doh Disco is a three minute whole class activity to help develop fine motor skills.
  • Focused activities: These cover many skills from cooking, painting, using the computer to walks in the school grounds to explore the natural habitat in small groups.
  • Snack time: The snack area, which has the choice of blackcurrant, orange, milk and water and a variety of fruit, is available for the children throughout the session. On some days we introduce new foods such as cereal, toast and foods from other cultures. The children can choose when they have their snack, pour their own drinks, and wash their cups up when they are finished.
  • Group Time: Children get together with their key worker in their group to develop a range of skills, such as making sets of objects or identifying shapes. Children will also experience activities planned to develop social, creative, physical, design and making, and ICT skills.


  • Differentiated Group Time : Children are also split into differentiated groups in which the children are taught the Letters and Sounds Phonics scheme. This begins in the spring term and children are taught how to develop their speaking and listening, phonological awareness and oral blending and segmenting. These are skills which will provide the foundations for children’s future reading and writing success
  • Tidy up time: The children help tidy all areas of the nursery to music.
  • Story / rhyme time


Children need to be comfortable and warm to be able to access all of the learning opportunities we provide. Children will be outside in all weathers and often are at their most investigative when it is wet, cold or snowing. Therefore, the uniform reflects this.

All children should wear:

  • Bottle green tracksuit bottoms
  • Nursery school jumper in grey or green
  • White polo shirt
  • Trainer-like shoes which are fastened with Velcro

Children also require:

  • A waterproof coat
  • Wellington boots which remain in school throughout the year

All uniform should be named. We do not require a P.E. kit as we only remove jumpers, shoes and socks to ensure that more time is spent developing P.E. skills than dressing and undressing!